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Administración Sostenible - Responsabilidad Social

Moving the World Together


Reflects the characteristics of an automaker while expressing our commitment to continuous change and growth

The world

Represents the propagation of our social contribution philosophy and global nature of Kia Motors' social activities


Emphasizes our harmonious partnership with society as a global corporate citizen

Under the slogan "Moving the World Together," as a leading automotive company, we will pursue environmentally - positive economic activities and fulfill our social responsibility to contribute towards mankind's happiness and a sustainable society.


Lhotse Youth Expedition(Representative Activities)

The Lhotse Expedition aims to nurture in our youth a global mindset that welcomes creative challenge and is curious about the unknown world.

Planting for a Better Life

As an integral part of its expanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, Kia Motors Europe is sponsoring a new Pan-European charitable program of planting shrubs in southern Mali, West Africa. Called ‘Kia—Planting for a Better Life’ the project will guarantee the planting of up to six million jatropha shrubs, helping to secure a brighter future for communities in the region.

Kia Village (China)

Seeing how every brick we laid and every dab of mortar we applied came together to form a house, I realized the value of hard work. I will never forget this volunteer experience, which was the greatest experience of my life."

"Our Zillna" project (Slovakia)

Since 2008, Kia Motors Slovakia (KMS) had been setting aside a set portion of employees' wages to create the KMS Fund.

Mobile Clinic

Many people in Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest nations, do not have access to proper healthcare.

KIA Charity & Care

Many in Africa and the Middle East suffer from abject poverty, without access to even the most basic necessities for survival, such as food, clothing and shelter. Kia Motors' Middle East & Africa Regional Headquarters and dealerships in 14 countries.


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